5 Great Layouts for Yearbooks

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In the not too distant past, yearbooks were nothing but pages of portrait photos students would get signed by their friends and teachers. Today, yearbooks are so much more. Yearbooks have transformed into an avenue of self-expression for the student body through innovative designs, whacky fonts and eye-catching layouts. If you are undecided about a format for your yearbook, you can always seek the services of yearbook printing companies in Singapore. Here are some great layout ideas for you to choose from.

  • Pulling Covers

A trendy and innovative yearbook design is to create a patterned collage of pictures inside the yearbook on the cover page. Apply this pattern to the background of each page inside with greater transparency. Use block colours as themes in that background in place of images. This design gives an interesting continuity to the yearbook. The colour of the background may be altered for different sections, such as academic and sporting achievements, creating an intriguing aesthetic.

  • Mixing it up

Shake things up in your yearbook with a layout that has it all! Take the traditional collage layout and add a twist of contemporary design, in the bizarre and unstructured fashion of modern abstract art, for a better visual effect. Move page titles and headings from the top of the page to the bottom, in a column, or in a diagonal strip across the page, particularly for event and class portraits. Moreover, you can mix things up a little more by changing the traditional portrait page to full length pictures with props, costumes and students in a variety of poses.

  • Social Media on Paper

Social media’s pervasiveness makes it a necessity to include as potential design for a yearbook. Therefore, a layout based on social media platforms would be a popular and relevant way to shake up traditional yearbook formats. Adding social media elements, including “likes”, views, captions, or even similar frames and themes, can help enhance this layout. Similarly, “comments” and “life events” would add to this theme, increasing student engagement and the interest of students in helping achieve this social media ‘book’.

  • Structure and Discipline

For a school that emphasizes on structure, discipline and tradition, a well-structured layout is a great idea. With a consistent layout of various sections of the yearbook organised into similarly shaped blocks of pictures and text, this design can definitely show that less is more. Break the visual monotony with overlapping photos and text.

  • Photocentric

If your high school pays particular emphasis on self-expression through visual and written art, this layout will definitely appeal to you. Make your yearbook truly photocentric by adding an aesthetic element using the talents of your students, including photography, painting, drawings and graphic designing. Allow the yearbook to focus on pictures and keep the text to a minimum.

Use these layout ideas and make your school yearbook truly memorable by allowing your students to express their true selves.