8 Ways to Make Brochures User-friendly

Brochure Printing

A brochure is an informative document used for advertising. They are distributed inside newspapers, handed out along high traffic, tourist attraction sites, or placed in the brochures’ rack within an organisation or shopping malls.

There are two common types of brochures, the bifold, and the trifold. The bifold is folded into halves resulting in four panels while the trifold is folded into thirds, creating six “pages”. There are also electronic brochures, also known as the e-brochures. They are more cost effective paper brochures because they have unlimited distribution.

Brochure printing is a marketing method that is widely used by those in the business industry. It is fit for use by small businesses, startups and established corporations in Singapore and other regions. When choosing the most favourable brochure for your business, you need to consider: your marketing budget, the information you want to disseminate, the target audience, and the nature of your goods and services.

Brochures usually include a mission statement, a brief explanation of the products or services, a few photos, location of the business and contacts.

To attract your target audience, make your brochure user-friendly in the following ways:

  1. Identify the targeted customers

Once you identify your targeted customers, you will be guided on the colours to use, the layout, tone of voice and the choice of words you should use. You can classify your targeted customers according to age, gender, social status, demographic, etc. That will allow you to select the most appropriate way of communicate to them.

  1. Get straight to the point

The targeted customers do not want to read immaterial content; they will not take you seriously if you include something that does not relate to what you are marketing. It is also unlikely that they have time to read irrelevant content.

  1. Use simple words

The information should be passed on in the easiest way possible. Using ‘big’ words may be enticing, but at the end of the day, it can make you miss the target if the reader cannot comprehend some of the phrases used.

  1. Use proper images

The images used should be relevant and objective to deliver the message. Choose high-quality images that will appeal to the readers.

  1. Choose the right colours

Choosing colours is a sensitive undertaking because individuals will have different colour preferences. It will be safer to stick to the company’s colour code or use neutral colours such as grey, white, black, brown or beige.

  1. Select an appropriate format

Format your brochure appealingly and in a way that it will bear all the significant information that the user should know before taking any action.

  1. Limit the font choice

Do not be carried away by the many font options available in a bid to make the brochure eye-catching. Choose fonts that are easy to read, as fanciful fonts may look too superfluous.

  1. Choose a high-quality material

Using a high-quality material will make the brochure worth keeping, and the user may even want to keep it for future reference.

  1. Make it informative

Once a user goes through your brochure, they should know your business location and other relevant details. You can also include a map at the back page of the brochure to make it easy for customers to locate you.

Brochure printing is an easy way to reach out to potential clients. You only need to keep it relevant, user-friendly, attractive and informative. Identifying the most appropriate location to distribute them is paramount so that they reach as many targeted clients as possible. Search for service providers within Singapore who will work with you and provide quality brochures for your targeted readers.