9 Things to Include Before Printing Your Yearbook

Yearbook Printing Singapore

A yearbook is an annual publication done by organizations informing existing stakeholders and other interested parties about events and achievements throughout the year. The book will cover progress, achievements, corporate social responsibilities engaged in and a message from the CEO. Schools also print yearbooks for senior classes.

However, for now, we shall focus on the company yearbook. The company yearbook can be used as a souvenir and a morale booster to employees as they will feel appreciated when they see their biographies in the book. Yearbook printing is an effective way to boost the confidence of shareholders in the company as well as reach out to potential clients and investors.

It presents an opportunity to inform the stakeholders who were not around during the achievements and recognize the ones who made it happen. You would love to see your photo and biography on the corporate yearbook, right?

Yearbook contents vary from company to company. However, for it to be relevant, you will need to include the following essential features:

Content outline

The content outline should be among the very first pages. It gives guidelines to the reader on what to expect in the book. The font chosen should be legible and the layout attractive to the eyes.

Message from the CEO

Being the highest-ranking decision maker in the organization, the CEO should address the reader at a personal level. He is a respectable person in the company, and his words will boost shareholders confidence and bring in more shareholders. The shareholders to focus on are; investors, clients, and employees.

Relevant content

Yearbook printing presents an opportunity to market products and services. Include a section that talks about the nature of the business, mission, achievements and targets. You should show that when you commit to doing something for your client, you will always deliver with the utmost professionalism.

Great photography

Include photos taken during memorable events throughout the year as well as regular working days. These are; CSR undertaken, corporate events, end of year party and work meetings.


Let the world see the great brains behind your products and services. Take professional photos of your employees and include them in the yearbook alongside their work area, competencies, and unique talents. A potential client who gets to see the book will trust their services and buy into them once they meet. Staff biographies are an excellent way to recognize your employees and boost their morale.

Good writing

Using the nation’s official language(s), ensure correct spelling and punctuations. There should be professional editing to avoid errors. Any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will ruin the impression of your competencies and credibility. Potential customers may doubt your ability to deliver.


Some information you are passing on may come out better using photos and diagrams. Draw tables and graphs where you feel that they will better communicate your message. Include pictures of some of the products that you deal with, these cannot escape the reader’s eyes.

Appealing design

You want your yearbook to appeal to the reader. So choose attractive designs for the cover and pages.

Fun elements and innovativeness

Include some fun, creative features in the yearbook to make it interesting to the reader.

With the right content, a yearbook is an efficient tool to retain current shareholders and attract new ones. It is also a reliable way to motivate employees, so allow your employees to have a copy each.