Considerations to Make When Printing Custom Themed Coffee Table Books

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A coffee table book is usually an oversized hardcover book commonly used for display on tables rather than for reading. It has a predominantly nonfiction subject matter and is mostly a pictorial book consisting of large high-resolution pictures with small blocks of text.

Custom design

A coffee table book, unlike other books, requires more pictures and fewer words making it very easy to design. It would be an experience similar to that of making a scrapbook. There are many designs available and there are little limitations, meaning that you can make your own design right from scratch. To do this, you will need to consider the following;


For you to kick start your coffee table book design, you will need to settle on a theme to work on. Every coffee table book ever made has a theme e.g. wildlife, fashion, travel, celebrity and many other themes. You can choose from those already existing or you can come up with one if possible. The theme you choose has to have a target audience so your images and content can have a direction to work towards.


This is the backbone of the coffee table book. Therefore, you have to make sure you only use images of high-resolution, ones that capture details of the activity or item. Sometimes, it is advised to have the pictures be in black and white and not loud colors. Once you have acquired several pictures of desired quality, you can get down to the design.

Design and layout

First of all, you should opt for a publisher that can produce high-resolution digitized pictures. If he cannot ascertain this, then look for another publisher. You should also be aware that every publisher has his/her own team of designers, this may mean that some publishers may not be able to accommodate to your idea. Have your idea well-crafted and illustrated if possible because this will help in getting the design team to understand and determine how best to produce your custom themed coffee table book. While it might be easy to settle on a design, you have to make sure it suits your target market.

Method of publication

When settling on a method of publication, you have to be certain that it meets your budget. Publishers have their own policies and usually prefer doing the printing marketing and selling at a fee. Some might be a little bit too expensive thus making the end price of your coffee table book unrealistic. Avoid extravagant details that do not conform to your needs or target market.

Paper selection

The main aim here is to maintain quality and at the same time cut down on costs. The easiest way to achieve this is by ensuring you use standard media print sizes for coffee table books hence cutting down on costs.

Coffee table books designs are very important as the appeal of the book’s aesthetic is what determines the popularity of the book. Therefore, if you cannot come up with a reasonable design, it is best for you to outsource the designing to a designer. This helps to increase the success rate of your coffee-book. Ultimately, always keep in mind your budget and the wants of your target audience.

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