Digital Printing is Becoming More Popular

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Because of its various advantages, digital printing is widely used nowadays in various businesses either in the form of black and white or the colored output.

Digital printing is a modern printing technique which allows you to print your work directly from the computer. Digital printing is used in various industries to create huge posters, hoardings and lots more. With the huge number of benefits that come with it, most businesses are opting for digital printing rather than the old forms of printing methods.

There are several advantages you can enjoy when you opt for digital printing and a few of them are listed below:

Cost effective

Digital printing is the more cost effective option for work that requires short-run printing. This is because digital printing incurs low set-up costs and do not require the production of printing plates. Furthermore, less time is needed to prepare the printer for a digital work, greatly reducing the turnaround time.

For offset printing, printing plates have to be created and used. This increases the preparation time and cost of production which translates to an increase in a print’s unit cost since a larger amount of cost is divided over a small volume of work. Hence, digital printing is more cost effective when it comes to short-run printing projects.


It is possible for you to print on various substrates. For example, some of the substrates popular in the market now are

Rigid Vinyl PVC, Polypropylene (synthetic paper) and PET (Polyester). Digital press can now print on materials like canvas, plastics and other soft or metallic mediums. This enables businesses to print and own unique menus, name cards and signages that help them stand out.

Choice of ink

Depending on what you prefer or require, you have the option to use water resistant or fade resistant inks for your digital printing.


You can print your work in plenty of formats ranging from small to extra-large formats. Some of the biggest digital printers are even able to print on paper formats in the size of B2 or B1.

Why do businesses prefer to go with digital printing?

Digital printing delivers you with excellent quality products with high response rate from clients while offering the advantage of flexibility as well. You can now change the colours or design or any other feature or your print work according to your needs without slowing down or stopping the press.

As there are lesser steps involved in digital printing, you can get the final product delivered quickly. Everything is computerised and hence the process is quick and efficient. Since digital printing allows you to print the exact amount you need, you do not have to pay for any extra printouts.

Regarding colour and quality, digital printing offers good quality prints that can be printed with a wide range of colours.   The visual appeal of your print work will definitely give a great first impression to your customers.

It is now possible to engage professional quality book printing services for a reasonable price. Digital printing has become one of the most important and unbeatable options for various businesses. There are different types of digital printing processes available in the market but always make sure to choose the one most suited for you based on the applications and purpose of use.

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