Does Low-Cost Magazine Printing Always Translate To Low-Quality Printing?

Singapore Magazine Printing

The growing trend of using digital magazines for marketing and promotional purposes has pushed several magazine printing agencies in Singapore to offer great discounts to their customers. As a result of these great discounts, the customers are now facing a new challenge. Most of them are associating the decline in printing costs to lower quality of printing. However, in reality, low-cost magazine printing does not always translate to low-quality printing.

There are ways to ensure that low-cost magazine printing does not translate to low-quality printing and for that to happen, you need to be proactive and take the lead from day one. Let us explore some options which will help you ensure you always get good quality printing even if it is offered at a low price:

Choose 60# Glossy Paper Stock

Many magazine printing companies in Singapore use a standard paper stock in order to cut down on printing cost. Whether your print job involves printing 100 or 1000 magazines, make sure to enforce your printing vendor to use a 60# gloss paper. While bringing your printing costs down, you can be sure that your magazine will look and feel as great as a well-established magazine.

Select Your Magazine Cover Wisely

There is no doubt that the front-cover of your magazine is what makes the first impression. You need to design and print it in the best way possible. If your printing company suggests using a thin or soft magazine cover in order to help you save some dollars in your printing cost, do not worry that it is going to make your magazine look cheap. Some magazines like the TIME magazine makes use of soft covers as well and they are still one of the most read magazines today. Depending on your content and purpose of the magazine, you can also choose a cover page that is slightly thicker than the inner pages. When it comes to magazines, it is the design, layout, color, and content that makes the impression. It is possible to stay within your budget without affecting the quality, popularity, and appeal of your magazine.

Avoid Gimmicks

Unless you are targeting a high-class niche market, there is no need to add fancy foils, special colors, or embossed printing to draw the attention of your audience. Considering the amount of return they provide, using these options is only going to add to the cost. A simple, sleek, and elegant magazine printed at a reasonable rate is definitely not a magazine of lower quality but one that makes financial sense instead.

Choose Your Magazine Binding Style Wisely

Choosing a perfect binding style for your magazine is as important as choosing a perfect cover page as it also adds to the look and appeal of your magazine. When it comes to magazine binding, Perfect binding and Saddle stitching are the most popular options as they are very cost effective. If your vendor suggests any of these binding options to you, you can be sure it is not going to comprise the quality of your magazines.