Five Ways to Make Your Brochure Effective

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A brochure is a marketing tool that you can utilise to make your business or company stand out from the rest. Most companies in Singapore make use of it to market their products or services to potential customers. Your sales teams can distribute them during trade fares and symposiums to inform customers of your presence in the market. However, with so many competitors and their brochures hanging around, how can you ensure yours don’t end up in the bin?

What makes you think the customers you are targeting will even take a second to read your brochure? It is simple. The way you present your brochure will make the difference between you and your competition. Think about what will appeal to your clients before you start working on it. The colour scheme, the message, the photos, basically whatever is printed on the brochure should all be in harmony.

Ensure the presentation is perfect and attractive and this will entice customers. If you have yet to design one for your company, here are some guidelines to ensure your brochure is effective and will yield the expected results.

  1. Consider your size

When printing brochures, size is critical. Your focus is to showcase the most important services about your company in a concise manner. Think about the design that will best deliver your message without overcrowding the brochure. Use the contents to sell the brochure. Pick out your most important sales points and use that in your heading.

Incorporate grid lines to physically align the brochure’s various elements. If you use templates that already show where your content should be placed, that is even better.

  1. Know what the reader wants

Write your brochure from the readers’ point of view. The information must unfold in the right order. Analyse what your reader wants to know. A good way to organise your points is to write down questions you think a potential customer might have. Supply the answers in your brochure.

  1. Write an Interesting and compelling story

When describing the product, use the right words that represent who you are as a company. Put into consideration what you want to say on the front cover, the back cover, and in the body of the brochure. To ensure the brochure is effective, you should make sure that the front cover sells your product or service. Therefore, the information should be eye-catching and attractive. The back cover should provide contact information and a clear call to action. The main bulk of the brochure should highlight important details like pricing options and different types of services and products available in your company.

  1. Arouse visual interest

Effective brochures include compelling images. Ensure the photos you use for the brochure are in harmony with the message and can elicit the intended emotions. Besides, a great cover photo will be key to persuading potential customers. Ensure the photo has the visual appeal and will encourage them to pick up and read your brochure. The pictures should be appealing and well organised before printing. An excellent photo should send a clear message individually. Therefore, ensure the photos you pick represents what the company offers.

  1. Choose your colours

When working on a brochure, colour is crucial. Failing to use the right colour combination will ruin your message. If you do not feel confident in selecting colour combinations, talk to experts who will help you choose the right ones for the brochure. Alternatively, you can consider using your company colours. Ensure they contrast well and that the font is legible against your background.

Finally, the rationale behind brochure printing is sending a clear message to your potential customers. It is an effective and powerful method of advertising if you use it well. Use it to educate and inform your clients the kind of services and products you are offering. Make sure it is captivating or it will end up in the dustbin with many others. If you are uncertain of where to start, consult brochure printing services in Singapore to set you on your way.