Here’s What You Can Do to Create the Perfect Magazine

Magazine Printing

Designing and printing the perfect magazine requires dedication and hard work since it should be attractive enough to get buyers to bring them home in Singapore. From the cover page to design and content placement, a magazine printing project in Singapore has a lot of thought going into it. You need to plan everything in detail which can be a tedious process if it is not done the right way. However, if you take all the necessary steps and plan your work effectively, you will be able to produce a perfect magazine based on your needs. Here are a few tips that will help you do so.

Make a Strong Print File
To obtain a perfectly finished magazine, it is important to have a print file. You must work on many areas such as live areas, bleed area, crop marks and trim line. Trim Lines indicate the size of the printed piece which means that the whole file will follow the proper trim line. Information and image should be organized in the live area which should not be close to the trim line as it will get cut off easily. Proper placement of the bleed area is also important since it gives the printer space to print in a proper location without leaving a white border. The minimum bleed area to be left is 0.125 inch. Making a strong print file will help you in achieving a better finished product!

Experiment with Cover Designs
The purpose of a cover is to attract the customer into picking it up and reading it or buying it. It is thereby important that you create a cover that is attention seeking. Overloading it with content and using too many pictures can spoil the overall appearance of the magazine. Be experimental by placing strong headlines with simple yet attractive graphics to make your cover page look good.

Use High Resolution Images

If you want your magazine to look high-end, you will have to use images with good resolution. Most printing firms will ask you for high resolution images to produce optimum results. The resolution which is usually required is 300 pixels per inch. If you want your magazine printing project to be of high quality, you need to use high-resolution images. The resolution depends on the final effect you want to achieve. The standard resolution suitable for most images is 300 pixels/inch (ppi). The file format should also be chosen very carefully. Try using PDF, JPG,TIFF and PSD formats for images with bang on colours. Using formats like PNG, BMP and GIF should be avoided.

Choose the Right Fonts
It is important that you choose the right fonts which will symbolize your magazine. Most famous magazines like Vogue, National Geographic use iconic and sans serif fonts. This indicates that choosing your font with accuracy is important since it defines your layout and adds to the consistency of your brand. Make sure that your font matches the colour theme and design of your magazine to make your project look complete.

Transfer Your Files with
After you have completed creating the final version of your PDF file, you will have to forward it to your magazine printer for confirmation. Usually, these files are big therefore, sending them through services like is a good option.