How to Get More Returns on Your Commercial Printing Project

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Businesses use marketing material such as brochures, business cards, catalogues, magazines, letterheads, business cards, and direct mail to attract potential customers and increase their sales volumes. Getting these marketing collaterals printed in huge quantities requires heavy investments. There are ways you can cut down your printing costs and save some money to take care of other more important aspects of your business.

Whether you decide to hire a professional offset printing company or choose a digital printer, you can enjoy a better return on your next commercial printing project if you follow these 4 important tips:

4 Commercial Printing Tips

1. Use the Open Space Wisely

The best way to cut down your costs and enjoy better returns on your next commercial printing project is to use the open space wisely. Whether you are using brochures or postcards to advertise your products or services, you need to make sure to use both sides of the paper smartly. This will allow you to not only add more information; it will also help you cut down the costs dramatically since it gets easier and cheaper to print the other side of the paper. Although it is a wise move to use both sides of the paper to bring the cost down and provide maximum information to the reader, you need to make sure not to over-stuff your advertising material with plenty of unnecessary text and pictures as this can easily go against your marketing goals. So, make sure to use the open space intelligently.

2. Use the power of Offset Printing

By choosing the right printer or printing method, you can also bring your printing costs down. While choosing the right printer or printing method, you need to take into consideration a few important points like the desired quantity, the budget, and the quality. When it comes to commercial printing, you can either choose a digital printing press or an offset printing press. If your goal is to have the best image quality, the best per unit cost, and a quick turnaround time, offset printing is the way to go. This is good if you have many orders of pamphlets or mass-print hardcover books in Singapore.

3. Order Early

Whether you decide to choose digital printing or you want to go with offset printing for your next commercial printing job, make sure not to waste any time finalizing your decisions. Many offset printing companies in Singapore will give you a handsome discount if you place your printing order early or in the off-season. Placing your next commercial printing order early means you and the printing press will have plenty of time to proofread the material and make necessary changes. Another advantage of ordering early is that you do not have to pay extra for a rush order.

4. Order Large Quantities

When you order large quantities, you save big time, especially if you want to print hardcover books in Singapore. This is especially true for offset printing as the per-unit cost goes down when the quantity goes up.