How to Make Your Coffee-Table Book Printing Project More Economical

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Coffee-table books are different than average reading or educational books since they contain rich-colored and elaborate photos of persons, destinations, places, hobbies, or art and very limited text. In order to achieve best printing results, you need to find a print partner who specializes in this area. Because of their high visual appeal and compelling content, coffee table books also make a perfect gift that can be given to a loved one on special occasions.

Since coffee-table books are filled with a lot of high-resolution pictures and graphic elements, their printing cost is a bit higher than regular reading books. However, there are ways to bring the printing costs down and make your coffee-table book printing project more economical.

Here are some insider tips that can help you save time and money when producing your coffee table books in Singapore:

  • Hire A Professional Designer

To create a timeless, stunning coffee-table book, consider outsourcing the design and layout part to a highly experienced designer to design your book from scratch. An experienced designer will not only help you design a perfect coffee-table book, he/she will also be able to save you a handsome amount of money by sourcing perfect stock images from inexpensive online photo vendors. Be sure to share your ideas with your graphic designer before the start of the project and also keep in touch constantly with him/her throughout the designing phase. You also need to ensure that your print vendor is also in the loop throughout the designing phase. Keeping your designer and your printer vendor in constant touch with each other will ultimately help you save a lot in your coffee-table book printing phase.

  • Work With A Professional Editor

Although pictures are what that will draw the attention of your target audience, you simply cannot skimp the quality of your text. In order to make your text relevant and interesting, engage the services of a professional editor before sending it to the printing phase.

  • Standardize As Much As Possible

While producing your coffee table books, you need to standardize all the phases. In the designing phase, try to select a standard layout, standard colour scheme, and standard picture resolution. Similarly, during the printing phase, select a standard paper size, standard paperweight, and standard ink colour. This will help you drastically reduce the cost of producing a coffee-table book.

  • Explore Your Print Options Wisely

It is during the printing phase that consumes a lot of your coffee-book publishing budget, therefore you need to take your time and explore all your options before going for the final print. Coffee table books are usually printed in limited quantities, therefore choosing a digital printing press will help you lower your printing costs without compromising the print quality. However, if you need to print them in large quantities, you are better off choosing an offset printing press.