How to Print Barcodes for Your Book

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When your book is ready for the market, you can choose which format to use when printing the barcode on your book cover. A barcode is a graphical representation of your book’s ISBN including the price. It is used worldwide to identify your book when publishing.

A barcode is a general geometric pattern that uses vertical lines that can be used to scan or track a book. It is important to note that two forms of barcode exist, the Universal Product Code (UPC) and the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). To obtain any of the two codes, you must apply through official channels used to validate the book before you decide to print or sell it.

Therefore, before you go out to print our book, talk to industry players within Singapore and seek guidance on how to go about getting the bar codes. Choose accredited companies to give you the barcodes before proceeding to make the payment.

Where Can I Print My ISBN

Many books have their barcodes printed on the copyright page, which is usually at the back of the title page where information such as the name and address of the publisher is found. Other book printing companies see the need to place it on the back cover in the case of a hardcover book printing.

Who Can Apply for an ISBN in Singapore?

Any individual who has a book, a publisher or a book printing company can use to get an ISBN through the National Library Board. The board will issue you with an ISBN code upon request if you are ready to publish a manuscript that has at least eight pages.

Request for an ISBN Number for Your Book

The good thing about having your book identification number is that all your books will have the same numbers with each addition printout having a different last few digits. For an ISBN you can click on the You have an option of buying a single code or in bulk. Through the website, you will be required to fill in the details, and you will receive a file with the details of your barcode.

Getting ISBN for Your Book

  • After you have obtained the ISBN, create the barcode using a suitable Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Package and a Barcode generator.
  • Enter the first 12 digits needed for the ISBN. The remaining digits should include the price of the book
  • The next option is to choose the dimensions of your barcode regarding height
  • Select EAN13 as an option for symbology on the resulting window.
  • Next, move to the caption properties tab and enter the given ISBN in the format ISBN 198-0-1234567-1-5
  • When you are done, test the scanner through an OCR scanner reader. It should reflect the same price and information that you allocated for the book.

Barcode Facts

Having a universally recognizable barcode will facilitate online sales and can be used to track your inventory especially if you own a large-scale book publishing or printing company. Getting barcodes from the official authorities or websites assure you that your book meets the latest international book publishing standards. You will also be at peace knowing that you can track every book that you distribute. It is a professional way of running your business and you will account for your entire inventory.