How to Save Time and Money While Printing Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Book Singapore

Coffee table books are publications that comprise of high-quality illustrations. These books adorn your coffee table thereby making them look more attractive. Created for casual reading, printing a coffee table book in Singapore can be a time consuming and expensive task if you do not follow proper steps. The outcome of the product might not be as per your choice as well. To help you make this task easier, you can follow these tips mentioned below.

Use your designer wisely

If you are working on a budget, an experienced designer is a must. An ace designer will help you produce optimum results and save on many other costs. For example, if the designer has the knowledge, they can help you save money on stock photography by extracting images from free or inexpensive sources. If you don’t think you can afford a good designer, then consider splitting your design service. Get an experienced designer to help you create the layout and appearance of your book effectively while you source for images yourself. However, it is better if you hire a creative and experienced designer for best results.

Design and layout

It is necessary that your pictures are transformed into a format suitable for printing before they are handed over to the publisher. It is important to note that some images might only look good on screen but may not look so attractive when printed. Therefore, it is important that you transform your pictures into superior quality before getting them printed. Coming to the design, you can adhere to the theme of the book. If the target audience is young, opt for bright colours and attractive text whereas if you are catering to a sophisticated crowd, then opt for a polished look with subtle hues. Also, creating categories for your pictures will facilitate easy viewing. You can also run your design and concept on various social media platforms to receive feedback regarding your work before you get it printed.

You can save on unwanted costs when you print an economic coffee table book. Although these books require a specific type of paper to look a certain way, you can cut down on costs by using a standard size which is generally used in book printing. Using standard measures help in cutting down on a lot of costs. If you are unsure what a standard size should be, approach a professional printing company to get more information.

Use Wide Margins

If you want your coffee table book to look good, then use some generous margins. These borders facilitate easy flipping and add to the grandeur of the book.