Incredible Home Makeovers That Will Work

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Many a time, our homes can appear very jaded and boring. This usually occurs when you have stayed there for an extended period of time. For this reason, it is essential to have home makeovers as frequently as logically possible. Home makeovers will not only result in a renewed feel in your home but also a design that reflects your lifestyle choices.

Did you know that little changes in your home can make a significant impact? Even just changing the positions of different furniture or displaying different artwork will do. You don’t have to use another person’s idea wholesale to achieve a perfect home.

However, it may be stressful to undergo home makeovers every month. Many fear the process of a home makeover because of its tedious and time-consuming nature. You don’t have to worry about being torn between a lack of time and an urge to update your home. Here are some ideas you could use for your next home makeover.

  1. Bring the Outdoors In

Consider using a collection of framed prints from your photo albums, or simply take a few pictures of your pets and garden flowers. Purchase premade frames of different shapes and sizes from your favourite art and craft store for an interesting look.

You can mat the frames to add a pop of colour. You can also transform your home by adding new flowers, leaves or even branches. Budding branches should be considered as potential decorations. Spray paint branches and place them in a glass vase. For an au naturel look, you can consider pressed flowers and leaves.

  1. Rearrange and Update your Furniture

Updating your furniture includes anything from changing knobs and handles to repainting furniture to make them look new. This will dramatically change the focal point, flow and feel of a room. It is not a must that you rearrange everything. You can swap a chair from the family room with one from the resting room or even by just rearranging art pieces and furniture.

You can refinish furniture by lightly sanding it. You can also consider using a spray paint instead of sticking to a paintbrush. It will make you achieve a more even coating and avoid brushstrokes. You can consider adding a focal point to your living room by adding a coffee table and place some beautiful flowers on it.

A magazine on your coffee table will be an excellent way to keep your visitors entertained. Visit some of the best sellers in Singapore and select a coffee table book to complement your coffee table. Consider a coffee table book documenting your travels to add a personal touch to decorations.

  1. Upgrade the Light Switch Plates

You can also change the feel of your home by upgrading the light switch plates. Change flashy covers with plain, plastic switches that match and accent the colours of your interior décor. Alternatively, you can buy a plastic place and decorate it yourself with craft paint or covering the plate with decorative paper. You can also switch the covers of power outlets to blend in with the walls.

  1. Declutter

You will be surprised to how effective decluttering is for renewing your home. Start by getting rid of items in places where they are not supposed to be. For instance, declutter your coffee table by removing all unnecessary objects, such as used cups or old newspapers.

A home makeover doesn’t have to be complicated as most people think. Follow these simple home makeover guides for your home to showcase your personality.