Nine Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Printing Materials

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Printing is an essential element of every business through which the firm and its products become recognizable to its target audience. It is a broad concept that includes various forms of print such as business cards, pamphlets, catalogs, flyers, notebooks, coffee table books, postcards and much more. The type of printing you plan on engaging in will dictate the type of equipment and materials you need for your printer to serve you well.

There are various kinds of printers in the market, and they all come with different requirements. Choosing the right materials for your printer needs does not have to be a tedious experience, as there exist many firms that provide maintenance and customer support to ensure your device functions as it is supposed to.

Likewise, some sellers will try to push products that you do not need. Before you start your search for printing materials, it is important to ascertain your specific company needs. Here are some real-life questions you should ask yourself.

What are your printing requirements?
Ask yourself whether you will need to print on a daily basis, how much volume you will print each day, whether your printing involves lots of colored documents and images. It determines the paper type needed among other things.

What is your budget?
One of the main reasons why most companies end up overspending is a lack of proper planning. The same applies to printing materials. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on consumables such as replacement of ink cartridges and the long term printing costs and set a suitable budget.

Are you eco-friendly?
When considering the purchase of printing materials, a primary consideration is their impact on the environment. Thousands of trees are cut down every year to produce paper. It would be wise to consider using recycled paper. Consider also the ease with which printed materials can be deinked for recycling. Most of the cartridges found on the market today are also recyclable.

What type of printer do you own?
Ensure you buy ink cartridge and paper that is compatible with your printer model. Original equipment manufacturer ink cartridges are the safest bet when it comes to compatibility.

Is the material readily available, going forward? Some manufacturers require that you purchase certain consumables directly from them. Before you settle on a particular brand of material, ask yourself if they will be conveniently accessible when you need them.

Is it the best quality?
The quality of printing materials you distribute to clients and new business prospects says a lot about your business. The only way to produce high-quality prints is by buying the best materials, especially paper and ink.

What cost saving options do I have?
If you require high printing volumes, consider buying paper, cartridges and other consumables in bulk to cut costs. Buying materials at wholesale rates are the best way to reduce costs.

Is the material from a trusted supplier?
Counterfeit toner cartridges and printer inks are unsafe as they can cause permanent damage to your printer, so avoid them at all costs. The only way to avoid these products is to purchase them from authorized retailers.

Is it the recommended brand?
The number one rule is to always stick to printing materials recommended by your printer’s manufacturer for the best quality print. Sometimes, going for cheap third party materials can land you into disastrous results.

Providing the right answers to the above questions will go a long way in saving your company from unnecessary expenditure that comes with poor planning, as digital printing can be a costly affair. Businesses that do not plan well end up spending a lot of money on consumables and printer maintenance tools. It all comes down to buying the right printer that suits your business needs, so make a good and informed decision right from the beginning.

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