Price in Relation to Brochure Printing and Design

brochure printing

There are many factors that go into producing a brochure. The best brochure printing services in Singapore should allow you a wide range of options and explain to you clearly how each option will affect the total cost of printing. Here are some options for you to choose from when designing a poster.

Available designs

Bi-fold brochures

Also known as half fold brochures, it is the simplest brochure to make as it involves folding the printed material in two. It’s common, simple and has a diverse range of uses as it has no limits with regards to the audience that can receive it.

Trifold brochures

It is made by folding a sheet of paper twice in such a way that there are three equal parts, giving a total of six panels on which to print information on. A slip of paper is folded from the right inwards then the left fold goes on top of the right fold. Trifold brochures are a staple in the marketing world.


This involves binding multiple pieces of paper to form a small booklet. The type of binding used will depend on the number of pages and the thickness of the front and back pages.


With information only printed on a single sheet of paper, flyers are low price printouts aimed at achieving mass distribution.


These are excellent for an executive business. The sheet of paper is folded in such a way that it has a pocket inside, used to holds inserts containing useful information.

Gatefold brochures

It uses the same principle as a trifold. The only difference is that the left and the right panels meet at the center forming a gate-like structure. One can also form a double gate brochure by making a fold at the center of the gatefold brochure. These are mostly used by hotels, theme parks and institutions.

Accordion fold brochures

They are made in such a way that they make a ‘Z’ shape upon folding. They are used mostly as instruction manuals, diet handout, and program guide. The most notable aspect of Accordion brochures is that it allows for information to be kept easily and can be accessed to read the information sequentially.

Design and price

The price of printing brochures will depend on a few aspects. Each design, however, has its own cost and may vary in relation to the content. Some of the key factors that determine the price include:

Image quality

High-resolution images are bound to cost you an extra dollar as they need high-tech, digital printing to bring out each image


Depending on your audience, you will have to select an appropriate type of paper. This may entail using the best quality of paper available. High quality papers can cost a significant amount. Always look for a paper quality that can take care of both your audience and your pocket.


In brochure printing, there are a variety of publishers out there, each offering a different price. When choosing one, don’t just go for the cheapest option available. Look through their previous work and see if it aligns with your specifications.


When targeting a large audience, you should definitely be aware of the high costs involved. Printing in large to huge quantities should allow you to negotiate a discount. If your publisher doesn’t allow any room for a discount, then you should find one who does.


Some designs, especially custom ones, end up increasing the cost of production. Make sure the design you are selecting will suit your audience and attract them to your business.