Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Letterheads

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Though the world has embraced digital communication to convey information, print media is still quite popular. You cannot wish it farewell in your communications. You will require marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and banners to project your brand’s visibility. Apart from these marketing materials, business letterheads are also an excellent way of communicating with authority to your customers.

Business letterheads are here to stay despite many businesses going digital. Serious firms use their letterheads when sending correspondences to their clients such as quotations, letters, and memos. Think about the impression a new client gets once they receive a quote from your company written on an ugly piece of paper? Such a client will not take you seriously, and they may even doubt your ability to deliver. If you do not have a letterhead for your company, you may be losing out to competition because your potential clients do not consider you a serious business partner. Here are the reasons why you need a custom letterhead for your business;

Brand identity

A professional letterhead should have specific components to make it complete. A company logo, for instance, will be one of the elements of your customised letterhead. The logo will define your company and help your customers identify you. Just by a glance of your letterhead, the recipient will automatically recognise your company. The letterhead will also have details such as contact information, business location and the kind of services you offer. Your website address will also be visible on your letterhead. Such information will make it easy for customers to know more about your products. They can even check your website for more info or even give you a call.

Boosts confidence

We are in a world where the crime rate is high. Everyone is always on the lookout when conducting business. If your company sends any signals of doubt, trust me, Singaporeans will avoid you like the plague. With a customised letterhead, the public will have more confidence in your brand. They can verify any details they wish to from your letterhead. Once a potential client you are trying to win over sees your business logo, they will remember they have seen it somewhere and will proceed to read what you have to say. Otherwise, without a customised letterhead, your letter or email may just end up in the trash bin.

Shows legality

Using a letterhead in your communications will reinforce the legitimacy of your business. Customers will have more trust in your brand and will be ready to embrace your products. They can even get the details of your physical location from your letterhead and pay you a visit if they wish. It will also make it easy for them to commit to transactions with you with the knowledge that you are legit.


If you are sending out an email or a letter using your custom letterhead, the recipient will look at you as professionals who means serious business. They will feel that you took the time to design an excellent letterhead for your company, and want to be considered a serious business partner. They will also look at your firm as a big enterprise that can handle work with professionalism. However, when designing a letterhead for your company, remember to engage a brochure printing service in Singapore that can give you an excellent design for your business and ensure they are available whenever you need them. You can agree to have them printed in bulk or periodically depending on the demand.

If you have been operating on a cost-cutting basis and avoiding using customised letterheads for your company, your business may not attain the kind of sales you have projected. Such cost-cutting measures will cause you lose out to your competition. If you have not designed a letterhead for your company already, its time you sought out some of the best printing services in Singapore and work out a design that will suit your business. Remember to use your company logo and the color schemes to avoid confusion.