Simple Design Tips to Spruce up Your Living Room

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That the living room is one of the most important spaces in your whole house is not a lie. It is the room used not only for family bonding but also for hosting guests. Be it intimate dinners, right down to birthday parties and family get-togethers.

Most frequently, the living room is first sighted when someone walks into the house. It is important to decorate it to mirror an individual’s taste. It speaks to the world about the artistic nature, or lack of it, of the hosts. The old-fashioned way of arranging a few couches here and a wall unit there does not cut it when it comes to decorating this space.

It is, in this case, essential to know simple design tips that can go a long way in making the living room more elegant and appealing. The following are some of the designs that can work.

  1. Art accessorising

The right art collection or paintings can give life to a room. However, it is essential to find what matches the basic layout of your house. There is an unlimited range of products for this, from contemporary paintings to cultural objects from diverse backgrounds. Solid objects look good when beautifully exhibited on living area cabinets at eye level. However, ensure they are not cluttered together and occupying too much space.

  1. Carpets

Although it sounds basic, carpeting a house can help in transforming the overall look of the home. There is a wide range of patterns and prints, to a variety of textures that are available in the market. The carpets can be set at the very centre of the room to add a chic finish to the living room.

  1. Lighting

Most people put up lighting in their living areas for the sole purpose of bringing visibility. However, lampshades can serve as a decoration tool. Consider putting them beside the couch or hanging them on the walls. Buy them in varied base designs such as the famous traditional bells, the coolies and empire base types. The colour of the lampshades can also be a decorative tool with the ability to break the monotony in a flat setting house.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are mostly placed in the bedroom and bathroom for reflective purposes. However, you can use them for decorative purposes. Setting them as living room cabinet doors or hanging, them up on the walls will bring versatility; they can be framed and hanged instead of paintings.

  1. Books and magazines use

Another simple decorative tool is using books and magazines. The books can be arranged on a bookshelf or a coffee table in the living room. It will give you both a mini library and space-efficient entertainment. Books artfully arranged on a coffee table can be an effective focal point. Visit a coffee table book shop in Singapore and select some of the popular magazines and publications that will keep your guests entertained.

  1. Colour schemes

There are two major types of colour schemes. There are warm colours, which seem to border each other in term of intensity and give a room a vibrant appeal, and cool colours, which give off a more relaxing tone. Colour blocking is also a trend that has made ground and seems to be here for the long haul. It’s preference for many who love bright colours, fusing warm and cool tones stylistically and effectively.

7   Furniture arrangement

Placing furniture is an art. Just moving the furniture can transform a seemingly dull room. You can achieve this by dragging the seats towards each other and away from the walls. By doing so, you will be creating an environment conducive for conversation while at the same time optimising space.

It is important to note that to spruce up the living room elegantly; it is not practical to use multiple design trends all at once. This would amount to a sort of clutter that is far from being considered classy. Considering a few elements is a sure way to bring the desired effect. There are also affordable ways of getting various products for decoration from friends touring other parts of the world. Acquiring such locally made products is likely to be cheaper, or by way of doing research on it and making them by yourself, after obtaining the needed materials. This can even transform into a hobby.