Simple Ways to Make Your Magazine Look Professional

Singapore Magazine Printing

A magazine is a periodical publication, which is either printed or published online (e-magazine). Most magazines are printed on a weekly basis while others are printed on a monthly basis. The major financiers of a magazine are business people as they pay for advertising space. Other sources of finances are the sale of copies and prepaid subscriptions.

Magazine printing aims at reaching as many readers as possible. That is why the magazine is a collection of different articles about various topics. For your magazine to attain its financial objectives, you should aim at moving as many copies as possible. The businesses advertising in the magazine are the major financiers, and they hope that the magazines will help them reach their targeted audience in Singapore.

To capture the audience, you will have to include interesting columns that will make your readers look forward to the next publication. Depending on the target audience, magazines include hot topics such as; healthy living, motivation, beauty tips, writers’ diaries, romance, fiction, readers’ dilemma, sports, recipes and many other topics. The varied topics are meant to spark the reader’s interest.

To entice companies to advertise in your magazine, you need to give your magazine a professional look in the following ways;

Use a great logo

The logo tells the reader about your magazine at first glance. The logo should be at the topmost of the cover page. Remember when shopping for a magazine at the magazine stand we only get to see at most two inches at the top. That’s why your logo should capture the reader’s attention immediately when they see it.

Pay attention to the cover photo

Your readers should relate to the picture whether consciously or subconsciously. It should tell “our story.” E.g., a family photo that includes a child would be appropriate for a parenting magazine.

Use columns layout

Multi-column grids will give the magazine a professional look as text flows better, saving on space and creating more options for photos. Consider using three columns per page on regular sized magazines, and two columns for digest sized magazines.

Go easy on font usage

The magazine should use a uniform font on the articles. The font used on the advertising page should not be ‘too busy’ either; they might create a visual confusion for the reader. Choose a legible font and the appropriate font size to avoid any straining when reading.

Leave reasonable spaces in the pages

You may be tempted to fill up the pages of the magazine. Resist the temptation because too much content on the same page is visually confusing to the reader. Leave little white spaces; you can experiment with relevant photos and see how easy that is.

Avoid writing too close to the edges

You do not want to worry about some text being cut-off during printing. Leave some white spaces at the edges to give your magazine a professional look. Some of your readers are business people who might want to advertise with you in future. You should not give them the impression that you have limited space or that you do not know how to utilise your space well.

Magazine printing in Singapore is an excellent way to market and make revenue. However, to do this, you have to give your partners (businesses) value for their money by creating content that will attract as many readers as possible.