The Future of Yearbook Printing and Design

Yearbook Printing

It is a book made once every year with detailed accounts of the year which may include photos and highlights to commemorate the year’s activities. Every yearbook is made for a specific purpose.

Types of yearbooks:

In yearbook printing, there are a variety of yearbooks depending on where you come from. Here are some common ones.


Made by students, it entails leaving a short precise message or a greeting to the owner of the yearbook with a signature to seal. This book is usually let into circulation by the owner who then collects it later on when it is completely filled. This kind of yearbook does not need printing rather it can be termed as limited edition because each is always unique.


Yes, believe it, reports are part of the yearbook category. The final document is given at the end of each either financial year, calendar year, academic year etc. is a yearbook. It entails achievements, messages of gratitude, proposals, and results. There are plenty of report types in existence, only those that meet the annual category qualify to be called yearbooks.

The school yearbook

This age old tradition is still in practice to date. It entails taking the pictures of every student of a particular school and compiling it in a book. This book is then printed whereby one copy is kept while the rest are released to the students.

Memorial yearbooks

In yearbook printing, this is a rare kind of yearbook which takes quite some time to make due to its nature. It contains photographs of selected individuals who have all a certain collective purpose e.g. they were all friends, classmates, workmates or celebrities. Their photos are accompanied by a little information about them, an overview of their accomplishment to the current year of the book’s publication.

Yearbook themes:

A yearbook can come in varying styles, depending on the aim of the yearbook. Below are some of the most popular themes used in yearbooks.

Verbal theme

Yearbooks which uses this theme will contain famous catch phrases of the people in it. It is more focused on what made that very person unique from the rest. It is mostly used by artistic publishers who have a sense of humor.

Visual theme

Basically yearbook printing that uses this theme tends to capture images of the individuals in the yearbook doing what they do best. E.g. playing football, dancing, acting etc. Color, graphics, and font are taken into account here to ensure that the image makes a statement of its own.

Calendar themed

This type of yearbook is made based on chronological events. The main idea here is to let the book tell a flowing story of a group of people. Events are recorded and carefully entered into the book of specific days mostly filled with activities.

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