Three Popular Coating Options for Your Book Cover

Hardcover Book Printing Singapore

Hardcover books are extremely durable, attractive, and long-lasting. Many authors and writers look into hard cover book printing in Singapore because this type of cover offers not only a good protection for the book but are able to last much longer than soft paperbacks.

However, due to the high-cost factor associated with hardcover books, a lot of new ventures and start-ups prefer ordering soft-cover books to keep the printing costs in check. Professionals suggest that if you are looking for a strong and durable book cover without paying the price of a hardcover, you can consider various coating options for your soft-cover book.

Fortunately, there are ways you can make your perfect bound soft-covered book more durable and attractive as a protective cover. Let us have a look at three of the most popular book-cover coating choices that will not only protect your book cover against smudges and scuffs during normal use but also enhance the appearance of your book.

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating, as the name implies is a water-based coating and is available in a variety of sheen levels. It is applied over the wet ink while the print job is still in progress. Since this type of coating dries quickly, it saves a lot of time required to carry out other operations such as cutting and folding.

Although not the best, print experts working at printing presses still regard aqueous coating as a good book-cover coating option since it offers superior protection against scuffs, smudges, and abrasions. Aqueous coating also adds to the appeal of the printed book cover and is the least expensive among the three options.

UV Coating

UV coating is also liquid based, though it is thicker than aqueous coating and is recommended for printed pieces which are widely circulated and used, like a business card, paperback books, and presentation folders. UV coating also protects the surface of the book cover against scratches, fingerprints and adds to the brilliance of the ink colours.

Since ultraviolet light is used to make sure that the liquid gets bonded and dries out instantly, the name UV Coating is used for this coating. Most of the glossy books that you see sitting on the bookshelves of a library or a book store are UV coated.

Print experts consider UV coating as better than aqueous coating but not the best. It is nonetheless an economical option for your book production and gives your book cover the best scratch resistance of all the three options.

Laminate Coating

As the name suggests, laminate coating involves applying a very thin plastic film on your book cover by means of heat. It comes in two variations, glossy and matte. Although it is more expensive than the other two options, laminated surface offers far greater protection than UV coating or aqueous coating.

If you are looking for toughness and longevity, the laminate coating is your best coating choice.