Tips for Making your Online and Physical Magazine Successful

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Back in the day, you could only find magazines in a physical form, but with the invention of the internet, many magazines have opted to have both online and manual copies of their work. This is an attempt to capture a larger audience for their readership.

Key things to consider in magazine printing

Page size
The page size determines two major things. Firstly, the final price. If you do not select a standard or suitable page size for your magazine, your final price may grow over the budget of your selected niche. Secondly, the size of your final print out will affect the reading comfort for the readers.

Every magazine has a target. And this target involves geographical radius. For you to cover a good distance in supply, you will need a bulk print out which will enable you to start the first part of achieving a full reach of your geographical target. Your target audience can also be determined by age or interest groups. This influences the quantity to be printed as the readership online and offline may differ among the groups.

Paper stock
Your audience will judge the magazine depending on how thick it is. You should ensure you have enough articles to make a reasonable amount of printouts to form a magazine. Not too much and not too little. The quality of the paper also plays a part in forming the impression the reader has on your brand.

In magazine printing, binding options can either attract or repel customers. One must select suitable binding options in relation to the target market’s preference. Available options include; tape, coil, case, wire, spiral, comb, saddle stitching and perfect binding.

Graphics files
It is advisable in magazine printing to ensure that you use standard graphics that can easily be printed by the available bulk printers since some complex graphics cannot be produced by these printers, causing problems in production.

Online magazine
For you to have a successful online magazine, you need a platform that will get your work out to your audience.

Running an online magazine requires a website dedicated to the magazine and its audience only. There should not be other irrelevant postings on this site. It is also advisable to use key words so as to take advantage of search engine optimization.

Social media
You will need to spread the word to get people talking about your magazine. You can accomplish this by widely using social media platforms. Post short interesting stories that will leave them wanting more such that they end up on your website. This will help to create valuable traffic for your site.

You can use many other sites to advertise yourself by posting links that lead the audience straight to your site. This may require you to pay for the given sites to accommodate your link. Ensure that the link is attached to something interesting and eye catching.

This might prove to be a little expensive for beginners, therefore only opt for this option if your financials allow it.

Whether you choose to have an online magazine or a physical one, the final print will always matter. Ensure you have content and enough sources to sustain the growth of your magazine.

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