Top Five Ways of Styling Your Coffee Table

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Your coffee table is one of the most useful pieces of furniture in your living room. It serves as a place to have meals or drinks, a footrest, a place to put the remote, as well as being a decorative feature of your home. You might not be privy to this, but adding a coffee table in your living space helps to bring together your entire room. However, with minimal or no design help, your coffee table can turn into a mess.

All those fantastic living rooms you drool over have one thing in common- a modish coffee table acting as the focal point. You know what the best part is? Homeowners don’t have to invest a lot to achieve this look. To help steer you towards the path of design success, here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve to style your coffee table the perfect way.

Chic trays

When it comes to your coffee table, dresser, or even your tabletop, nothing rivals the final touch achieved through a statement tray. Just as peanut butter and jelly go together, so do coffee tables and trays. Apart from trays lending a sense of order in your living room, they generate mini vignettes that rewards your home with an extra special feeling. The trick is to center a stylish tray on your coffee table complete with a vase of fresh flowers.


Hot on the heels of trays, stacked books are a designer’s pièce de résistance for coffee tables. After all, they are referred to as coffee table books. Stacked books give an extra dimension to low coffee tables, particularly when topped with eye-catching objects, grouped on trays or paired with fresh flowers or plants. A key aspect of coffee table books is colour coordination. Stack a few books in multiple shades of a colour for an elegant look. A stepped display of books arranged in descending order is the norm when putting books on the coffee table. Consider purchasing the best coffee table books in Singapore, select trendy novels, magazines or publications, and placing them strategically on your coffee table. The books remain accessible for visitors to read while adding colour and a focal point to your living space.

Something sentimental

Another way to style your coffee table is to incorporate something unanticipated and personal. For example, you can add a seashell you picked up on one of your holidays. While you can adopt any personal piece to display, adding a souvenir from a previous vacation is a fantastic reminder of the enjoyable times you had. Moreover, the item becomes a conversational topic.

Get a potted plant

Naturally, many people love using a bunch of fresh flowers as the centre piece of a coffee table. Unless you’re a florist, it is unlikely you have constant access to fresh bouquets. Therefore, a more sensible solution is to use a potted plant that will live on your coffee table, and this means choosing a plant which thrives in low light.

Air plants, succulents, and cacti are trending options. Moreover, potted plants lend a clean and natural feel to your living space. For an oversized table, several pots grouped together would fit best while a single plotted plant suits a smaller coffee table.

Display chic games

This type of styling is unknown to many people. Not only is it décor, but it also provides entertainment. Whether it’s a stunning chessboard, oversized dominoes, or a tic-tac-toe set, any game on the table adds to the fun factor in your home. Incorporating a game that matches your interior décor is crucial here. A wide range of options is available, but remember a classic game set is always in fashion. Your visitors will enjoy the excitement of playing board games. It will leave a lasting impression and don’t be surprised if your coffee table is turned into a venue for board games every weekend.

When looking for items to place on your coffee table, always bear in mind the décor of your living space. Your choice of items shouldn’t disrupt the colour scheme of your living room. Instead, it should match or complement it. Remember, your coffee table acts an accessory to your space. So why not use the tips above and enjoy a transformed living area!