Understanding The Terminologies For Publication And Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover Book Printing

The terminologies used by professionals may sometimes get a little confusing for consumers. It will be good for you to understand what these terms mean in order to have a more effective discussion with the printing company you are engaging with. Here are some of the terms commonly used, explained!


It is the act of crafting, preparation, printing, and issuing of a book, journal or any other piece of relevant material to the public. Publications come in plenty of forms. The main forms of publications are as follows:

Academic / Scholarly publication

This involves coming up with academic material focusing on a certain subject which is aimed at scholarly use. They can be produced by a university press or an independent press depending on the author’s preference.

General books

This category accommodates all other books that are not academically related. Such books include novels, story books, biographies, research books etc.


It could be a publication of a daily entry of a certain nature or a magazine that focuses on certain aspects and activities i.e. medical journal.


Mostly done by scientists or scholars, it is a detailed collection of research information concerning a single empirical element with the aim of adding knowledge to the field of study. It is then usually judged through its research methods, its findings, the exact point, the point of reasoning and many other factors before it is formally accepted. These books automatically need a hardcover book printing.

Edited works

These are usually presented in meetings, conferences, seminars and its likes. It contains carefully scripted information that is useful to the particular function only.

Hardcover book printing

Also known as hardbound, this is a book that is bounded with a protective rigid cover of carefully selected materials. These materials could include; leather, heavy paper, buckram or cardboard. Hardbound books are usually printed on an acid-free paper and are more durable than regular paperbacks. Even though they cost more to produce, they are worth it for the right project.

Before settling on which hardcover to use, you have to know what types of the hardcover are available in the market and which one best suits your project. Here are some types of hardcover books in the market.


It is a slightly thick paper or paperboard used to cover books by holding together its pages using glue rather than staples and stitches. It is widely used in the making of novels and short story books.

Hardcover Case wrap

This type of hard cover is semi-flexible, it is a bit thicker than paperback and costs a bit more too. They have vast use including manual and referral books, cookbooks, text books, poetry books etc.

Hardcover Dust Jacket

This is a detachable cover which contains text information about the book it is covering. It is usually employed in cases whereby the hardcover of a book has not been written on any information. They often contain a bio of the author at the back.

Apart from book covers, it is good to know what types of papers are available and what they are suitable for.


This is an acid-free paper. It has a soft smooth surface that produces fine prints. It is preferred as it has the ability to produce fine quality.


This is a high-quality material that allows high-resolution printing of images. Unlike most papers, it can capture the exact details of an image including its precise colour.


This kind of paper is the only one that accepts delicate print and presents exceptional printing. It is used for executive purposes as it has a relatively high cost.

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