Use These Simple Tips to Save Big On Book Printing

One way of making your business profitable is to cut costs. However, this is never an easy task. You have to come up with ideas that can save you money in the long run and make your business profitable.

Using booklets, magazines, brochures and other marketing collaterals are part of every business’s marketing strategy. A closer look at your marketing budget will reveal that a huge chunk of your budget is exhausted in the printing costs. By making a few changes in your final design or carefully selecting the right size or type of paper you can drastically bring the printing costs down.

In a country like Singapore where you will be able to find a lot of professional printing companies, finding a good print partner who can give you valuable advice on saving money on your print projects is not that hard. Here are some tips you can follow to save big on your next book printing project.

Make Sure To Design Your Book As A Standard Size

Most of the print vendors in Singapore use a standard size of paper for printing books. There are basically two reasons behind using a standard size printing paper:

  • it is readily available in the market and fits their budget
  • it meets the specifications and requirements of the printer

By designing your book to a paper size that conforms to the specifications provided by your printing company, you can ensure there is no wastage of paper. This will ultimately optimize the production of your book and help you bring the book printing cost down.

Prefer Black or Grayscale Printing

Printing your book or any other print material is always cheaper in black ink than it is to print in colour. If your book contains mostly text, there is no need to go with colour book printing. If you want to make your book attractive, you can limit the use of color to the cover pages or a few inside pages, but printing all the pages in full color is simply a waste of money, unless you want to use it for promotional purposes like a product catalog, cookbook, or a photography book that demands high visual appeal. Black or grayscale printing is considered as the most economical way to print a book.

Prefer Lighter Weight of Paper

When it comes to book printing, you have to select the paper wisely, since you will need thousands of papers for your book printing project. This is one area in which you can bring down the printing costs down to a great extent. Keep in mind that lighter weight version of the same type of printing paper will usually cost less than the heavier version. If you use heavier weight papers for your book printing project, it will also make your book heavy and will ultimately affect the shipping and distribution costs.