What to Look Out For in Custom Book Printing

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Customizing a book means coming up with an original design, something new to the market and something capable of attracting its target market. For you to achieve this successfully, you will need to know a few things.

Intended Customers

The market is conveniently divided into niches thus making it easy to target any category you would prefer. For you to successfully do that, you will need to do a research and find out what your target audience prefers. Flashy designs are typically matched with the youths, executive designs with official purposes and standard designs for academic purposes. With this knowledge, you can come up with your own design for any category of books.

The right publisher

It is important that you find a publisher who is willing to take up your idea and accommodate it. Most publishers would reject some ideas because their printing equipment is not designed to accommodate certain ideas. If you can find a publisher with a sophisticated machinery, then your idea will surely be brought to life.


You should know that digital book printing has a cost of its own, adding your own new design is another cost, and the publisher’s quotation is another cost altogether. Be sure to have enough funds ready to support your idea all the way to the end. Negotiate where possible but do not compromise where you should not, e.g. the quality of images and print.

Paper selection

The paper you will select determines your sales. Customers get a perception of your business just by looking at the quality of production of your book. You should not compromise on quality here and make sure that the paper you choose can withstand the kind of print you have opted for.

Method of printing

There are several available methods of book printing in the market. The design you want will determine which method best suits your idea. For example, you may need to use letterpress or other printing methods that can accommodate the style you want if you want to produce old fashioned books.


For some businesses, Books may be produced in batches to test its ability to sell. You will have to determine the number of books you want to print that will be the most cost-effective for you. Here you may require the services of a professional who will guide you through.


This is the final step in custom book printing and that is to get your book out there. You have to come up with strategies to capture the audience’s attention. There are a variety of marketing methods with the most common being advertising. You can also opt to make your book available online but this will mean that it will have a virtual design unlike the actual print out.

Custom book printing, though time-consuming, has its own rewards. Once you penetrate the market, you will reap what you sow. It requires detail, research and most importantly, a well-formulated plan.

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