Why is Digital Printing Ideal For Your Yearbook Printing Project

Yearbook Printing

Although yearbook printing is not as common as a magazine, book or brochure printing, it is slowly but surely gaining pace. Yearbook printing dates back to the 17th century when they were known as scrapbooks. Yale University is regarded as the pioneer in publishing the first yearbook in 1806. However, it was not till the mid of the 19th century that printing companies started putting a considerable amount of attention on yearbook printing in Singapore.

Yearbook printing may seem like an easy task at first since it is not regarded as a pure marketing tool, but it still requires a lot of thinking, time, and effort from all the people involved in the process. Thanks to the rapid advancements in the print technology, yearbook printing has become surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Let us have a look at how digital printing has changed the way yearbooks are published and made the process so simple and easy.

Digital Printing is Easy and Cost Effective

A few decades back, the idea of publishing yearbooks was confined only to large and well-funded universalities, colleges, and schools because of the high printing costs, however with the advent of digital printing, the equation has changed. Digital printing now gives small universities, colleges, and schools with limited financial resources, an opportunity to publish their own yearbooks without worrying too much about the cost. Since yearbooks are published in smaller quantities, digital printing is considered as the most economical option. You print partner will not have to go through the hassle of setting up special plates and making the press ready to print your yearbooks as with offset printing. The printing company will be able to print your desired quantity and quality of yearbooks directly from the digital files sent to the digital printer.

Digital Printing Offers Fast Turnaround

Another great advantage of using digital printing for yearbook printing is the fast turnaround time. Unlike offset printing, digital printing does not require any pre-press procedures; this saves a lot of initial setup time and you get your yearbook orders quicker than with offset printing.

Digital Printing Offers Easy Customization

Digital printing also gives you the freedom to edit or customize your yearbook anytime and in any way you want. Since there are no printing plates involved in the process, you end up saving a lot of money by choosing a digital printing method.

Digital Printing Offers Good Quality

Since the yearbooks are a lasting tribute to lessons learned, friends made, and adventures shared, you want them to be of extremely high quality. Singapore printing companies rely on the accuracy and latest technology of digital presses to deliver astonishing results.

Digital Printing Offers Quick Proof

Digital printing also gives you the freedom to proof check your yearbook anytime you want. You can check the colour accuracy, layout, print resolution, and text accuracy by asking for a quick proof or sample of the yearbook.