Yearbook Printing Singapore

Yearbook Printing Singapore

Yearbooks are a great way to commemorate the ending of a student’s school experience. Filled with different pictures and often with pictures of all the classes graduating in that year, a yearbook is a valuable memento for any student. Schools are then usually responsible for creating a yearbook that students will love and treasure as a final gift from their schools.

With such an enormous responsibility placed upon the school, many schools may choose to employ a yearbook printing company to help them. A yearbook printing company in Singapore like DGP Print may then offer to not only print your yearbook but also assist you with its design. Instead of choosing an expensive company that may be less experienced and helpful, you should choose DGP Print to have a stress free experience.

Here are some reasons why you should DGP Print for your yearbook printing in Singapore:

  • A Helpful Design Team 
    As one of DGP’s biggest priority is customer satisfaction, we will be more than happy to have our design team assist you through the yearbook printing process. The entire process will be made as painless as possible, with our team handling the majority of the work required. Instead of offering you strict design requirements, our design team will try their best to listen to your opinion and craft a design you like. Thus, your workload will certainly lessen as we guide you along the yearbook printing process.
  • Years of Experience 
    DGP Print is more than qualified to handle your school yearbook as we have previously worked with some school and higher learning institutions. We then have valuable knowledge on how to create the best designs as well as avoid making common mistakes like placing the wrong picture. Our team of experts will navigate through the long process of yearbook printing without facing additional issues that a new company might face.
  • High Quality & Affordable Cost
    As yearbooks are meant to contain precious memories, they should be able to last a lifetime without falling apart. At DGP Print, your yearbooks will be printed in the highest quality to ensure that your students will be able to treasure it for a long time. The yearbooks will be priced at competitive prices to make sure that you need not pay exorbitant prices for them.

Drop us an enquiry today to obtain a quotation for your yearbooks or to have us answer some of your questions related to yearbook printing in Singapore!